Suffix of sanskrit

Jo word kisi word ke last me lagakar uske meaning me parivartan lata hai usko suffix kahte hai. Like-padh+akat=paditah suffix do parkar ke hote hai 1 kirtsuffix 2. Prakrit suffix. Kritsuffix10 parkar ke hota hai. 1 akat. 2. akatvatu 3. akatva 4. satree 5. sanch 6. aniyar 7. kelimar 8 .layap 9.tumun 10 .tabayat. akatsuffix- jo suffix past tense me add kiya jata hai usko akat suffix kahte hai pryog ke bad akatsuffix me t bach jata hai. Like -has+akat =hasitah. Akatvatu suffix-jo suffix past tense me lagta hai usko akatvatu suffix kahte hai paryog ke bad aktvatu suffix me tavaan bach jata hai Like- rod+akatvatu=roditavaan aktva suffix=jis suffix ke sath kar word juda hai usko aktva suffix kahte hai prayog ke baad aktva suffix me tva bach jata hai Like- khel+aktva=khelitava satree suffix=jis suffix ke sath hua word add ho usko satree suffix kahte hai pryog ke bad satree suffix me n. Bach jata hai Like=likh+satree=likhan


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