Eve teasing-the hidden harassment

Woman empowerment. stop female foeticide.girls education,

Sound so good and enthusiastic. by organizing such campaigns and trying hard to uplift the status of women, no doubt indian society has emerged in a new phase over the last decade .

But the indian society is having a hidden evil that is the origin of mishappenings with the girls.the hidden evil is eve teasing sound so casual right?

But in reality, this is big issue of concern.a large percent of india woman face this menace .girls in the college or school campus,

Woman at work place, at roads and at other public place face this hidden form of harassment. eve teasing can be in the form of comment, hotting,whistling or other vulgar gestures by the boys.

Girl mostly ignore it because they have become habitual of it . It has become so casual that no one brothers about it .this happens almost every day in one or other terms ,everyday in one or other forms.

But has someone tried to understand that how a girls feels when she undergoes all this !the mindset of indian society often blames woman that the provoke male by wearing modern clothes.wearing modern clothes does not give the men the license to harass women.

The menace is so shameful for the indian society. what is the point of education if the people donot know to respect woman.this needs to be considered seriously.


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