National knowledge of india

National flag of india-Tiranga

National anthem of india-jan-gan-man

National geet of india-vandematram

National symbol of india-ashoka stambh,

National panchang -sak sanvat

National of nationality-indian

National lipi of india -devnagri

National language of india-hindi

National flag geet of india-hind desh ka pyara flag

National nara of india-sramev jayete

National videsh niti of India-gut nirpeksh

National prize of india-Bharat ratan

National suchna letter of india-white letter

National tree of india-Baragad

National sweet of india-jalebi

National games of india -hauki

National animal of india -tiger

National bird of india-peacock

National river of india-ganga

National flower of india-Lotus

National fruit of india-mango

National mudra of india-rupaya

National yojana of india-fifth years yojana

National Festival of india-26 january and 15 august.


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