Hardwork is bigger than luck

There was a king .he had five daughter. he always like adjectives.whenever he asked the Princess, who gives you all this ?

his four daughters answered, its our luck that you give all to us .but his youngest daughter replied ,god gives us .she never flatered her father. one day ,the king was so annoyed with her that he threw his youngest daughter out of his place and announced that no citizen would help her.

The Princess did not stay in her father’s kindom .she reached another place. she had no money .she found few cloth cutting lying on the floor. she collected that cutting and made a few dolls and purchase them .she again made dolls and sold them in this way ,she became very rich in a few years.

One day ,the king saw his fifth daughter who had turned so rich .he came to know it is not the luck but the hard work that helps a man to achieve in his life .


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