Importance of literature in our life

We all know that books are epitome of knowledge. they show us the right path .it is believed that literature teaches us the art of living. many times in your lives,a situation comes when we donot get idea which path should be chosen.

Then ,at such times ,literature is a thing on which we can rely on.

Because it contains solution to all problems ,whether it is mental, physical or emotional .in addition to this ,it also provide reader the joy of reading because they are written in such a way that the leader relates himself as protagonist, and other character of story,

Which provide the readers suspense, thrill and curiousity .after all,literature is a great gift to mankind. but now a days ,it is being seen that it is losing its importance.because today, s young generation find literature boring. instead of reading a book, they watch television mobile and can do any time talking thing except reading literature. at last I would lIke to request today’s young generation to spend some time on literature. because it is the only thing which ignite the desire of doing something outstanding and great


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