Father of different subject

Father of ayurveda -charaka

Father of biology-Aristotle

Father of physics-Albert Einstein

Father of statistics-Ronald fischer

Father of Zoology-Aristotle

Father of history-Herodotus

Father of microbiology-Louis pasteur

Father of botany-theophrastu

Father of algebra-dio phantus

Father of blood group-land Steiner

Father of electricity-Benjamin franklin

Father of geometry-Euclid

Father of modern chemistry-Antoine lavoiser

Father of robotics-Nikola Tesla

Father of electronic-Ray tamlinson

Father of internet -Vint cerf

Father of economic-Adam Smith

Father of architecture-imhotep

Father of genetics-gregori mendal

Father of c language-Dennis retchie

Father of www-Tim berner lee

Father of surgery-sushruta

Father of mathematics-Archimedes

Father of medicine-Hippocrates

Father of homeopathy-samual itaneman

Father of indian consititution -dr B. R ambedkar

Father of green revolution-norman Ernest Borloaug

Father of the green revolution in india-M. S SWAMINATION


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