National knowledge of india

National flag of india-Tiranga

National anthem of india-jan-gan-man

National geet of india-vandematram

National symbol of india-ashoka stambh,

National panchang -sak sanvat

National of nationality-indian

National lipi of india -devnagri

National language of india-hindi

National flag geet of india-hind desh ka pyara flag

National nara of india-sramev jayete

National videsh niti of India-gut nirpeksh

National prize of india-Bharat ratan

National suchna letter of india-white letter

National tree of india-Baragad

National sweet of india-jalebi

National games of india -hauki

National animal of india -tiger

National bird of india-peacock

National river of india-ganga

National flower of india-Lotus

National fruit of india-mango

National mudra of india-rupaya

National yojana of india-fifth years yojana

National Festival of india-26 january and 15 august.

The story of the winner and loser

The winner is one acts.

The loser is one who react.

The winner sees a solution to every problem.

The loser sees a problem in every solution.

The winner has always a programme.

The loser has always an excuse.

The winner says let me do this for you .

The loser says that is not my job .

The winner says it is not easy but it is possible.

The loser says it may be possible but it is possible.

The loser always think positive.

The loser always think negative.

The winner is always available.

The loser is always overworked .

The winner chooses their work to reach the goal.

The loser choose their own opportunity.

Always try to be a winner in your life.